Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poor Girl's Sushi

Since my full time job these days are school, this new blog and rehabbing my foot I am trying to find efficient ways to enjoy the foods I like on a budget.

Sushi is one of my favorite foods and I have finally found a way to satisfy the craving for just a few dollars.

I stopped by M2M located at 55 3rd Avenue, if you like Asian Markets take the trip they have everything! Anyway, I stopped by and picked up a pack of frozen crabmeat for $5.99 Included are 30 sticks of crab!!

On my walk home I picked up a Mango from a vendor for $2 to eat with the crab

For $7 I now have at least 15 snacks I can eat... well I may need another mango.
This dish is also very good with julienned cucumer,avocado slices and arugula (or most greens (you can never have a bad Hint of Green). When I make this with all of the mentioned ingredients I like to top it with a little Nakano Balsamic Rice Vinegar.

Make this a dinner by adding some edamame and having some brown rice on the side or even tossed into the salad.

Do you have a favorite at home recipe to cure your sushi craving???

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