Friday, April 1, 2011

Kitchen A Secret

I have always been a food lover. I was never afraid to try new foods growing up, partially because my father would say try it, if you don't like it you can spit it out in my hand, and really what child doesn't want to do that. Well to this day I have never spit anything out. There was one occasion I tried Uni and was close to doing it but I decided to finish eating it and hoped that my taste buds would eventually appreciate the unique taste and texture... 10 years later I am still working on it.

Well anyway I am writing toay to tell you about my favorite little secret, though with all of the press its not such a secret anymore. About eight years ago while still living at home over college breaks my parents told me about a new favorite restaurant, Kitchen A Bistro, the excitement of all fresh produce, a daily changing menu, and the ability to BYO which for a wine loving family is great! Upon my fist visit to this quaint little restaurant I was hooked, the menu was listed on a chalkboard on the wall; the meal was prix fix for 3 courses. Everything that came out of the kitchen was superb! I regret not having pictures of past meals including some of my favorites, cavatelli with rag├╣ bianco; sake-marinated white tuna with baby radish salad; seared scallops with cauliflower puree; goat cheese tart with balsamic glaze... and those are only the appetizers!!!

Below is an excerpt from the Kitchen A Bisto website:

At Kitchen A Bistro we strive to prepare the very best food at the most affordable prices. Our French Mediterranean menu changes daily to showcase the finest seasonal ingredients available. We continually search to find the finest organic and all natural meat and poultry, and all of the fish is purchased at the market daily. So please come and join us in our casual and comfortable Kitchen.

Well time has passed and Kitchen A Bistro not only has a following they have also moved the restaurant into a larger space and turned the old location into a new restaurant Kitchen A Trattoria. While I have only eaten at the new location twice they were two of the most fantastic meals that included, mortadella and a farm egg;
squash ravioli with brown butter and sage; quail stuffed with wild mushrooms and leeks and much more.

Below is an excerpt from the Kitchen A Trattoria website:
At Kitchen A Trattoria we share our version of Italian American Cuisine. We strive to source the finest and freshest ingredients available on the American market, and prepare them with Italian sensibility. The food is rustic and soul satisfying. We offer the same relaxed atmosphere and come as you are hospitality that we bring you with Kitchen A Bistro.

If you are on Long Island I highly recommend you taking yourself over to one of these restaurants for dinner, you will not only walk out satisfied but also wondering the soonest date you can return. 

Be sure to say hello to Chef Eric if you see him out in the garden or in the kitchen.

Here is a link to a recent Newsday article Eric Lomado: All-Star Chef of 2 Kitchens

Kitchen A Trattoria will be participating in Long Island Restaurant Week from April 3rd-10th be sure to make a reservation before they book up... with that said I am off to make a reservation.

*Photos used from Kitchen A Bistro Website

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