Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 Minute Meal

Tonight I was set to go out for dinner with my friend Melissa, but after making a Hint of Green sauce this afternoon I felt compelled to continue cooking but I decided to opt for a quick easy to make dinner. It's important to realize that even though you are making a quick meal it can be healthy!!!

I don't often use prepared foods, but Trader Joe's offers some great options that cook up in just minutes, for this meal 2 minutes to be exact.

I decided to make Trader Joe's Chicken Marsala, but as you have learned no meal I make goes without a Hint of Green so I also prepared sautéed Kale and Cherry Tomatoes and since Melissa loves pasta I tossed it with Whole Wheat Pasta.

Bunch of Kale
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
Whole Wheat Pasta
Trader Joe's Chicken Marsala

First things first, I placed a pot of water on the stove for the pasta, next I cleaned and ripped up the Kale as well as sliced the Tomatoes in half to make for easy sautéing
Once the water was boiling I tossed the pasta in the pot and in a large pan I began to sauté the Kale and then added in the Tomatoes
While everything was on the stove simmering all I had to do was press start on the microwave and the Chicken was ready to go in 2 minutes.
By the time the chicken was done I had already tossed the pasta with Kale and Tomatoes, and dinner was served.
Meals like this remind me that it is OK to eat prepared foods. It is crucial to check ingredients as well as the nutrition label. My rule of thumb, if you can recognize and pronounce the ingredients it is likely a good choice, and if you can’t be sure to ask yourself if you really want to eat them.

We finished the meal with fresh berries that Melissa brought over, I would have shared a picture but we ate them to quickly... I love my Superfoods rich in antioxidants.

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