Monday, March 21, 2011

Superfoods Part I

Superfoods seem to be a hot topic as of late. I turned on the Today Show this morning to a segment on Superfoods. After the segment I checked twitter updates and again, more Superfoods. To stick with what seems to be the theme of my day thus far I present you with 3 Green Superfoods. Have them as a snack or add them to a meal for A Hint of Greens!
   1. Broccoli – What is better than a food that may help protect against cancers, boost your immune system, beat off peptic ulcers, and is full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Broccoli is an absolute powerhouse.
      - How to Prepare: Boil it, steam it, sauté it, stir-fry it, or just eat it raw

2. Artichoke - Believe it or not, this food is actually a thistle and we've been eating it for hundreds of years. Artichokes are a natural digestive aid and provide health benefits to the digestive tract, it benefits the liver protecting against toxins and infection, and can aid in cholesterol reduction.
- Note: When buying an artichoke, look for an even, green color with as little brown discoloration as possible. Try to choose one with tighter leaves that feels firm and weighty. Finally, squeeze the artichoke and listen for a squeak.
- How to Prepare: Steam it, and eat it warm or cold perhaps with a lemon yogurt dip

    3.  Green tea - I know, technically this isn't a green food... although it sort of is because the tea leaves are still green. This is the difference between green tea and "normal" brown tea. Since the leaves are less processed, they retain more of the natural superfood nutrients from the plant, and release them into the tea. Great!  
    - Note: Need a change from standard Green Tea? Try out Yogi Brand Teas (I love the Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life)

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