Monday, May 16, 2011

SP Cleanse - Days 11 - 15

While I had hoped to post each day of the SP Cleanse I did not want to bore you with the details of each smoothie I have had and all of the salads I have been eating. Don't worry any recipe worth sharing I am have either shared such as Mixed Green Salad with Tilapia and Clementine’s, and I will be posting further recipes.

The past 5 days were definitely tough. The gym, no problem! I try and go to a body sculpt class a day, and if I have time for more then I add that in as well. Between the SP Cleanse, working out and looking for a job my days seem to be much more filled then I thought they would be.

Food on the other hand, not as easy as the gym, I am able to have my smoothies but I do enjoy having a social life so the weekends can be tough.

Friday night my friends Nikki and Brian decided to have a small BBQ to celebrate our friend Chrissy’s Birthday. Two words: Food Coma. There was chicken, lamb, sausage, turkey burgers, shrimp, guacamole, grilled vegetables and my guilty pleasure rainbow cookies (thanks Mario). Well I did the best I could. I had a turkey burger that had diced peppers and onions inside and instead of using ketchup which would be unnecessary sugar I decided to top my burger with guacamole and had some salsa on the side.

Saturday was a good day for food, likely because I decided to have a lazy day of catching up on emails, learning the IIN website (post to come on IIN)I had my two smoothies, a big salad for lunch, I decided to have my Mixed Green Salad with Tilapia and Clementine’s since I enjoyed it so much earlier this week, and for dinner I had a piece of grilled chicken with vegetables.
Sunday I met up with my friends Aly and Nikki for a workout at NYHRC and then we headed over to Le Pain Quotidien. I have to admit I have never been there before and I was pleasantly surprised. While the prices are not the cheapest the food is fantastic. The three of us split the Six Vegetable Quiche with Buckwheat crust (gluten and dairy free) and only 320 calories (Thank you chain restaurants for posting calories. Aly went on to have a Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata, Nikki the Tuscan White Bean & Prosciutto, and I had the Smoked Atlantic Salmon with roasted beets on a bed of arugula. Everything was fantastic! We were each satisfied and left feeling as fit as after we left the gym.
Sunday night I headed to my parents for dinner with my mom. Neither of us felt like cooking so we ordered in some food from Tiramisu. I had the Tropical Salad with Avocado, Hearts of Palm, and Tomato to start along with a piece of grilled salmon with sautéed spinach. It was delicious and even better because I had leftovers for lunch today.

And here we are all caught up and back to Monday. I decided to skip the gym today. I was sore from my workout yesterday and I wanted to be sure I got my work for IIN completed before I had to run errands. I started the day with a smoothie (strawberry, raspberry, pear, kale) and then did a few hours of work. For lunch I decided to make a salad with my leftovers from dinner last night. After that I ran out for some errands. Upon returning home I stopped at a fruit stand and got PEACHES!!!!! I headed home, made a smoothie (Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Pear) and sat down to apply for some jobs.  
Well I have 6 days to go on the cleanse and already I am feeling less groggy, my head is clearer, I am less tired in the morning, and I keep hearing how great my hair and skin look (I have not changed any products since starting the cleanse) so I attribute my shiny hair to the fruits and vegetables.

I will keep you posted on my remaining 6 days and stay tuned for a post on new life happenings.

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