Thursday, May 5, 2011

SP Cleanse - Day 4

The SP Cleanse continues…

It is Day 4 and I am definitely starting to feel some changes. I am less groggy and have more energy. I had been having trouble waking up in the morning for the past few weeks due to an inability to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.  Well I am finally falling asleep before 1am and waking up by 9am without a groggy feeling.
This morning I took advantage of the way I was feeling and woke up and made a quick smoothie filled with Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Kale, Pear and SP Complete Powder.

I had about 90 pages of reading to get done for my final tomorrow so I decided instead of taking a body sculpt class I would head over to the gym and get on the bike and do some multitasking. So I headed over to the gym and got on the bike 2 hours later I had rode over 20 miles and finished half of my reading.

Once I finished at the gym I headed out to pick up some last minute Mother’s Day Gifts, and then I was headed home for a salad filled with a ton of fresh vegetables. For the base of the salad I used komatsuna and tatsoi, I then added in fresh chives and scallions as well as a yellow bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, avocado, corn and hearts of palm. 
After that it was time for more studying and another smoothie filled with Strawberries, Pear, Mango and SP Complete Powder.
 It is time to head back to the books and pack up to go to my parents for the weekend.
Stay tuned for cleanse updates through the next 17 days.

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