Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SP Cleanse - Day 2

Well I made it through day 1 of the SP Cleanse which is usually the toughest… I find the first few days to be a bit rough, once you find the balance and get the timing of meals right things seem to go a little smoother. 

I started off the day with a Fruit filled smoothie – mango, strawberries, kale, pear and the SP Cleanse Powder as well as the necessary vitamins.
I then headed to an Interval Sculpt class at NYHRC. I had never been to a class with the instructor today, Roland Brown, but now I plan to find all of his classes and work them into my schedule. The class started with a light warm up and then moved through a series of arms and legs. I love getting the arms and legs in at the same time it allows you to focus on holding your core. Next we moved to leg and butt work on floor work which was great for me since I am still healing from my broken foot. He then moved us on to a joint abdominal and arm series and we finished the class with 10 extra minutes of stretching which was great. It is important when you are cleansing not to overwork the body, this 60 minutes was the perfect workout for me today.

After class wrapped up I stopped by a farm stand for some fresh fruit and vegetables. The remainder of the day will be filled with studying for a final and 2 more smoothies another Farmer’s Market Salad and dinner which will be julienned zucchini with fresh vegetables that I have in my fridge (peppers, tomatoes and more) and some brown rice.

I will be ending the day with a trip to see my Acupuncturist, Maureen at Acupuncture Bodywork who I have not seen since before I broke my foot. I am looking forward to having Maureen harmonize my body’s imbalances and also getting the blood flowing properly back into my broken foot. I also think the acupuncture will pair nicely with the SP Cleanse.

Stay tuned for recipes…

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  1. Proud of you, Laur! Can't wait to hear how you're feeling and how the Cleanse is working for you! Skype date soon xoxxo