Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SP Cleanse - Day 3

Today is Day 3 and things are getting a bit easier. I started this morning with; yes you guessed it a Strawberry, Kale and Pear with the SP Complete Powder.
After my smoothie I decided to head to the gym to get it out of the way, it is easy to become unmotivated on a rainy day so off I went to Cardio Sculpt and Pilates. I decided to take these two classes since they were taught by the same instructor as my classes yesterday. Cardio Sculpt was definitely a challenge it was constant movement using both your body weight and hand weights. I had to modify some of the moves as I am not yet ready to do jumping jacks on my foot but the class was great! I decided to stay for Roland’s Pilates class even though I was worn out from Sculpt as I knew it would stretch out my body and relax me before I spent the remainder of the day studying.
On my walk home from Astor Place NYHRC I stopped at Food Emporium for a few items….
-          Clementine’s
-          Strawberries
-          Zucchini
-          Canned Fresh Tomatoes with no additives
-          Artichoke
For lunch I decided to steam some julienned zucchini, peeled carrots, sliced yellow pepper and cherry tomatoes, it was delicious!!

I feel like I eat all day on this cleanse which is nice, but it definitely is keeping me busy between slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables for salads and smoothies. For an afternoon smoothie I decided to go with Strawberry, Kale, Pear, Mango and SP Complete.
Since it is a cold, rainy New York Day I am definitely thinking dinner will be julienned zucchini with a fresh tomato sauce… I will let you know how it turns out.

Until tomorrow…

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