Monday, May 2, 2011

NYC Brunch Edition: `Inoteca

What a gorgeous New York City weekend we had sunshine and warm weather, ideal for outdoor dining. My friend Cari and I decided to grab brunch not once, but twice this weekend at `Inoteca. Saturday was such a hit we just had to go back again Sunday.


If you follow my blog you know Kale has quickly become one of my favorite leafy green vegetables and `Inoteca has a Kale Salad that is right up my alley - Cavolo Nero w/ fennel, ricotta salata & candied almonds… can you say HEAVEN! I decided to pair my salad with 3 different Bruschette; caponata, sweet pea and zucchini and had a glass of Lambrusco… let’s face it no brunch is complete without a drink. Cari decided to go with a breakfast Panini which was also delicious! I do not have a photo of that; I was too busy enjoying my salad. 

Well Sunday morning came along and I was still thinking about my salad from the day before and since it was another nice day Cari and I decided to meet up for Brunch again. This time we both went for salads and Bruschette. I again had to Cavolo Nero w/ fennel, ricotta salata & candied almonds (I wanted to be sure I had it one more time before my cleanse) as well as3 different Bruschette; tapenade, caponata  (so good I had it twice) and lastly toscana which was a Chicken Liver Pâté that the waiter recommended. I again paired the meal with a glass of Lambrusco. 
After seeing how delicious my salad was Saturday, Cari decided to go for a salad and Bruschette as well on Sunday. Cari ordered the Insalata di gamberetti which was a salad of poached shrimp over a bed of watercress, breakfast radishes and an orange dressing with orange rind , this salad was absolutely delicious, the perfect portion size and fantastic flavors. She tried 3 new Bruschette; fagioli, pesto and roasted garlic. She paired her meal with a glass of Prosecco. 

All I can say is if you would like a fantastic salad for a light lunch of dinner at `Inoteca is a great option and of course they have much more on the menu!!!

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