Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Farmer's Market - Part VI

When you think of beans you may only think string beans, and assume BORING, but today I am going to show you three other types of beans. So step outside of the String Bean Casserole recipe get some Extra Virgin Olive Oil some Sea Salt and taste your way to a new favorite Green Bean. 

Dutch-Wax - With a string-less pod, this extremely crisp bean is a great choice to eat alone as a healthy snack or to compliment any dish. While uncooked these beans take on a lavender color once cooked the color fades as well. So don't get to excited to eat a purple vegetable, get excited to eat a delicious vegetable.
Wax Beans - Unlike Dutch-Wax Beans which are lavender in color these pods are yellow. They make a great addition when diced up into a salad, they also are delicious steamed or sauteed as a side dish to any meal. 
Romano Beans - Green in color you may think this is an ordinary string bean, that is until you notice this bean is flat, which explains why they are also known as Flat beans. These beans have a sweeter flavor then string beans, they are also cherished among many cultures as the best eating beans.
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