Monday, July 18, 2011

Farmer's Market - Part IV

Zucchini, Summer Squash, whatever you chose to call it just be sure to eat it. You may have read my earlier post on the nutritional benefits of summer squash in your diet and today I am back to tell you about a three types of squash from Lani’s Farm Inc. When I stumbled across Lani’s (formerly Yuno’s) I definitely hit the squash jackpot, I had never seen such a large variety. 

Avocado Squash – This unusual summer squash has a great nutty, creamy and rich flavor. The texture is much drier than other squashes and does not fall apart. A grower’s  favorite at Lani’s farm, tastes great when grilled or sautéed with olive oil, garlic or herbs, also great steamed, roasted or even raw in a salad. Need some inspiration? Try out this recipe for Stuffed Avocado Squash.  

Zephyr Squash - A straightneck summer squash, 'Zephyr' has a yellow stem end and is pale green at the blossom end. This hybrid has both a sweet and mild flavor. Steam, sauté, pan fry, boil or eat it raw. This hybrid has fantastic flavors and shouldn’t be missed this summer. 

Asian Cousa Squash – Similar to the Avocado squash, but has much lighter texture and sweeter flavor. This variety of squash can be cooked like any other. Try out this recipe for Cousa Squash Pasta.

Need more ideas? Try out my recipe for Sorted Squash Pasta with Shrimp.

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