Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank You Equinox

It’s nice to get out of the city from time to time to breathe in fresh air and see some trees!!!! My two main issues I do have though are the limited options for fresh juices and my lacking of a gym membership. So before heading to home I picked up 4 juices at Terri NYC and figured I would somehow get a workout in.

Thursday started by playing catch up on Nutrition School work I had to wrap up Module 3 and get going on Module 4. While doing my work I ate sandwich of High Fiber whole wheat bread, 3oz sliced chicken, 1/4 avocado, cucumber slices and a little grey poupon.

Next it was time to find a workout for the day. Prior to breaking my foot I had been offered a day pass to Equinox, I decided to reach out and see if it was still good to use and I was told it wouldn’t be a problem. So I checked the class schedule settled on 3 classes, yes 3, I am all about getting my 1 day pass worth. With my classes in mind I drank a Live Long & Green juice containing spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger and headed out to Equinox.

First up was EQ360: ICE (with instructor Dana Mancini) a 30 minute class described as "A new perspective on fitness! EQ 360:ICE (Integrate Core Exercise) uses the unique qualities of the Step360(TM) Pro challenging your body as a whole while chiseling abs and a strong core creating a foundation for all your other workout programs.” This 30 minute class was more than I expected. It started with a lower body workout (think squats, lunges, leg lifts) all on the Step 360 while also incorporating some cardio movements in between to keep the heart rate up. Next we moved onto some movements with the body bar (dead lifts and a few others while on the Step 360) and finally we finished off with an abdominal series. I really enjoyed using the Step360 it is much easier on the knees and joints then a regular step and really activates and engages the muscles. This 30 minute class is a great quick workout if you don’t have a lot of time or a great addition to any workout.
Next up was Arm Candy also taught by Dana described as “One of the best accessories ever is smooth, firm arms, yummy to the eyes and delicious to the touch. Bend, push, pull and twist your way to sexy sculpted shoulders, toned triceps a chiseled back and whittled waist in 30 elegant exercises created by Team Equinox!” This 30 minute class taught back to back with ESQ:ICE is exactly as described. The class used 3 sets of weights (I chose 12 lb, 8lb and 5lb weights) each arm exercise was done in a series of 3 from heavy weight to lightest weight. By the end of class my triceps and shoulders were on fire and my abdominals felt like they were already sore. This class was fantastic for anyone looking to tone their arms in just 30 minutes.

As I mentioned I wanted to make sure I got my 1 day pass worth so I decided to head to SPIN (with instructor Carolyn Mellace). I have noticed that in Manhattan spin classes are 45 minutes and it seems on LI and other places they are 60 minutes… what’s going on Manhattan? The last 15 minutes of the ride are truly the best since you work yourself past a point you didn’t think you could. The instructor was fantastic and created a great interval class, we went from hill to flat road with each song. The playlist was great featuring fast paced songs on the flat roads (think Eminem, Katy Perry, vintage Christina Aguilera) and slower paced songs on the hills (think Counting Crows, Dubie Brothers, and The Doors). After the 60 minutes I had more energy than when I started.

I left the gym feeling better and more energized then when I arrived!!! It was a great experience and I am glad I was able to attend these three classes. Thanks Equinox!!!!

After the gym it was time to eat again so I had a large piece of grilled salmon with sides of sautéed spinach, grilled asparagus, quinoa and some shepherd’s salad (cucumber, tomato, pepper and feta cheese). A great meal to fill me up after my workouts and to end a lovely Thursday.


  1. AMAZING workout day at Equinox!!! I would really love to try the Arm Candy class, I wonder if they have that in the city? I would have no clue what pound weights to take, I am so skewed by barre classes that I don't know what I'd need for a "normal" class.

    Your dinner looks fantastic.

  2. I am a little skewed by barre classes as well but I always figure I can put down the heavy weight if its too much. Sometimes I find the challenge to be a nice change - though reps with 3 lb weights can be just as killer!

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