Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dining Out: Kitchen A Bistro

There is nothing I like more than a great meal for a great price and Kitchen A Bistro is serving up that combination. For $45 (cash only) you get 3 courses and to top it off the restaurant is BYO and does not charge a corkage fee, you can't beat that!!!

I have had many delicious meals over the past 10 years at Kitchen A Bistro, but living in the city it is hard to get there as often as I would like. Lucky for me its summertime and I tend to go back to my parents house for weekends to beat the heat and this past weekend they decided to ask my sister and I to join them for dinner at Kitchen A Bistro.

Word's can't describe how fantastic our dinner was so I made sure to take pictures to allow you to join in on the experience.

To start we were sent out an amuse bouche which was a red pepper and tomato soup with a rice ball on the side, I ate the rice ball and remembered I had to get a photo. 
Next up appetizers... on the table we had the Sweet Pea, Arugula, Almond and Goat Cheese Salad, Ratatouille with crispy Farm Egg, Ragu Bianco with Creamy Polenta (aka my new favorite dish!)

 Next we were sent out a few more appetizers the Local Vegetable Salad of Beets and Radishes with Fried Garlic Sausage, Soft Shell Crab with Fermented Black Beans. 
 For main courses we had the Braised Short Ribs and Chicken and we paired them both with Kale and Polenta Fries, also served was the Halibut and Clams with Roasted Fennel and Ocean Broth. 
 Before desert was sent out we were sent one final amuse bouche which was a piece of Watermelon with Rhubarb Sauce and a piece of Mint. It was a great way to end a perfect meal!!!!
 Desert was the third course but we were all so full we took two to go and headed home. A great meal with a great family.

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