Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seaweed Snacks, The Potato Chip of the Sea???

Growing up I was always told to try food, and if I didn't like it I didn't have to eat it again. Well I have not found many things I haven't liked.

I remember being away at sleep-away camp and when other kids would request candy for visiting day I begged my mom to find me sheets of seaweed to snack on. She thought it was an odd request but non the less she found them and I was a happy camper.

Well it has been about 12 years since my summers at camp and seaweed still is a top snack in my life. It has also become much more mainstream. While I still go to M2M (Asian market with tons of options and bulk packs) you can find Seaweed snacks at Trader Joe's nationwide and even at bodega's around the city.

I was an avid roasted seaweed eater but now with other oil options as well as wasabi flavor this healthy snack has come a long way. Go pick some up and try it out for yourself.

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