Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kick it Up a Notch - Heirloom Stew

After making a batch of Heirloom Tomato Soup I decided to use some and turn it into a hearty dinner filled with veggies and quinoa. 

While at the Union Square Farmer's Market picking up tomatoes I decided to purchase a few other items; penny zucchini and fairytale eggplant. I have often used penny zucchini in dishes as they cut into a perfect small shape, but I had never seen these fabulous looking eggplant so it was a must purchase for me, I mean look at them, how could you not pick some up?
For those of you wanting more information on Fairytale Eggplant, they are picked very young and have the most mild, creamy and absolutely delicious flavor, simply cut them in half and roast or pan sear. 

I decided to slice up the sorted zucchini into, you guessed it penny size slices and went ahead and did the same with the eggplant.
Next I pan seared until they were cooked and softer in texture. While the vegetables were cooking I had another pot on the stove with quinoa. 
I decided to cook the quinoa in sme of the tomato soup so it would take on that flavor instead of using water which may have watered down the dish a bit and I was looking for plenty of flavor. Once the quinoa and vegetables where finished i placed in a bowl for a healthy filling lunch.
For those of you looking to add more protein try a fried egg on top, and for those less adventurous how about some chicken.

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